We help you create

better career stories

Online career discovery tool

Access to career coaches and activators

Personalised career dashboard - communicate your story and value

We know that life is not static

nor should your career be

As we grow and evolve, our desires, needs and experiences change. What you once needed will not be what you need for the future.

Actualise helps you to unravel your career story and plan and manage your story now and in the future

How it works

Actualise is a unique, personalised career design management and activation service

We help you tell better career stories


Get insights into your past experiences, to understand what you need for your future


Understand all aspects of who you are, your goals, and aspirations, to shape your personal career story


Access your own personalised career strategy and employment value proposition.

Actualise Career Management Tool

Helps you to tell a better career story now and for the future

Career discovery tool

$20 /mo

Actualise Career Management Tool helps you to understand all aspects of your employee value ensuring you make the best decision about your career now and in the future

  • Values and need assessment

  • Skills and competencies assessment

  • Personality analysis

  • Career insights

  • Personalised career dashboard

Candidate and employee assessment tool

Employee assessment tool

$50 /mo per person

Before you commit to hire new talent to your organisation, it's important to assess and examine what already exists. Understanding who you have in your team helps you to hire for the diversity and capability gaps.

  • Values and need assessment

  • Skills and competencies assessment

  • Personality analysis

  • Employee career insights

  • Employee dashboards

  • Employee reports

Hiring assessment tool

$75 per person

The online discovery tool helps you more fully understand new hires to your organisation. This powerful assessment helps organisations bypass steps in the hiring process so that you get the right talent from your team.

  • Values and need assessment

  • Skills and competencies assessment

  • Personality analysis

  • Career insights

  • Culture fit

  • Whole person assessment report

What People Say

A really positive and informative thing to do - for a lot of our career we are asked to shoehorn ourselves into someone's preconceived idea of a role and then to prove why we are the best fit for this. Actualise invites people to design their own career and what will fit them best. I enjoyed the process and would have loved more ongoing consultation time with Vic.

Donna 42, Auckland

I wish I had done this 6 months ago! The process has helped me have better clarity and direction over my future, providing insights into some critical and repetitive mistakes I have been making. I feel I have more confidence now to approach and pivot my career. I now have some great ideas on how to proceed with my future.

Marc, 53, Auckland

I was really confused as to the direction I wanted to go in my career, I was happy enough yet I still felt that I wasn't really doing a job that fit with my life or my purpose. The Career Planner has really helped me get a better understanding of what motivates me, and with the help of the consultation team, has helped me to create an actionable plan for my future. I am so excited and can't wait to get started, thank you!

Shaun 33, Toronto